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Floss Boss is a mobile dental office making high-quality dentistry a convenience for your employees. We have three chairs inside the bus to offer a full range of services for more regular dental care. In being mobile and convenient, there’s less disruption to your employees’ schedules.

Roughly 320 million work and school hours are lost every year due to dental visits. The inconvenience of leaving work prevents people from regular dental care. But regular dental care is vital to overall health and Floss Boss believes convenience is key. Floss Boss makes regular dental care efficient and comprehensive. It’s a win-win. Your employees get regular dental care, improving their overall health, and you lose less hours of productivity each year.

We are a diverse, highly experienced team, who knows Seattle. Dr. Kim graduated from the University of Washington, and she mentors many UW dental students. The time was right for Dr. Kim to put her entrepreneurial skill to work to make dental cleanings more convenient and frequent for the busy patient. Dr. Kim values giving back to the community and has dedicated much of her time to Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown dental clinic and hopes the Floss Boss bus will continue to partner with nonprofits giving free dental care to those in need.

Anywhere! We serve large corporate clients, smaller businesses, communities, and neighborhoods. We might park for a week serving many employees of one company, and then park in a central location serving both a few small businesses and the local neighborhood. If the parking lot can fit us, we will be there!

Floss Boss accepts Delta Dental, Cigna, Regence, and Premera dental plans. We also offer in-house memberships, reducing the cost of regular dental care. [Learn more] 

The Floss Boss bus is equipped with 3 dental chairs. When we are fully staffed, and all chairs are filled we can see up to 24 patients in one day!
Floss Boss ensures safety and protection for both our patients and employees. We take necessary measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with the CDC and local health authorities. Each Floss Boss employee is vaccinated and boosted and wear N-95 masks and face shields. Every surface in the Floss Boss bus are anti-microbial, and are sanitized regularly. The bus is equipped with hospital-grade ventilation: PureVac aerosol-reducing suction system, Germ Guardian HEPA/UV-C light filtration, and reversible 12 VDC ceiling vent fans. In addition to daily health screenings of our employees, prior to appointments, patients will complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire. Temperature checks will be taken to ensure the health and well-being of each staff member and patient.

Floss Boss cares is our non-profit segment which provides free dental care to low-income communities and populations.  [See where we will be and schedule an appointment]

Portable x-ray devices use more focused beams with less radiation than traditional devices, lead shields are not required.  Lead vests will be provided upon request.

A new patient appointment and cleaning takes an hour. Additional services may add time. 

Book a call today with Floss Boss and we will get you more scheduling details!

After you book an appointment, you will fill out New Patient forms. Show up with a smile for your appointment, and one of our wonderful Doctors will perform a thorough exam and cleaning, and if needed, x-rays all from the comfort of our fully equipped Floss Boss bus.

Periodontal disease is a silent invader infecting the soft tissue surrounding the teeth. Untreated, gum disease will slowly erode the teeth and bones which support them. Gum disease is preventable, and forms because of poor oral hygiene. More frequent dental visits help stabilize and improve the effects of periodontal disease. Research shows every $1 spent on preventative care saves $8-$50 in later-stage care. Flexible, convenient dental care for your employees now ensures fewer long-term health problems later.

We are open and welcoming patients.

Dentistry is our passion, people are our focus.


Reach out to us for availability!

Dentistry is our passion, people are our focus.


Reach out to us for availability!

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